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Future Stars Program

Future Stars Program

The Future Stars Indigenous Employment Program is a Life skills and Work-Ready Program focusing on assisting participants to develop the capacity to transition from welfare dependence towards sustainable long term employment and a future career.

During Stage One, participants are engaged at their own level, encouraged to develop self-awareness and self-esteem using creative and engaging motivational concepts that are personally tailored.

Many Future Stars may not have had the early developmental advantages often taken for granted and moving towards a working life can be a quantum leap into another world. Early modules work around the concepts of self-care, time planning and basic life skills, then gradually introduce employability skills, money management and exploring personal strengths.

As the Program progresses, participants engage in a series of modules designed to be interesting, relevant and fun whilst also giving them a real insight into where they hope to be in the future and working out how they are going to get there.

The Future Stars Program was developed in the Northern Territory and evolved over a decade in response to the wide gaps between many participants needs and employer expectations. Using world’s best practice, the Program continues to evolve and grow, learning from the trust developed with Future Stars themselves, and with their families and friends, and from the many employers and stakeholder networks across remote and regional centres in the Territory.

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