Karen Sheldon Training offer a variety of Courses, Basic Skills, Skill Sets and Cluster Sets. Have a look below to view all our outlines on offer. 

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Karen Sheldon Training is an approved provider of the JobTrainer Skillsets, and we currently offer 4 courses in Food Handling & Basic Skills for Food Industry, Customer Service, and Barista Coffee Skills.

Eligibility for the fee subsidy for these courses,

you must be a Northern Territory Resident, and be recognised as a jobseeker OR school leaver (17-24)

With some of our skill sets we offer an online option, but alternatively, to find out dates for our face-to-face training please refer to the Calendar or contact us through our online contact us form.


Enrolment forms can be downloaded and

submitted on our enrolment page. 

Jobtrainer SkillSets

Customer Service Skill Set


Espresso Machine Operation Skill Set


Food handling Skill set


Basic Skills for the Food Industry


Bartender with Beer

Karen Sheldon Training offers any units we have on scope as individual certificates at very competitive prices in the NT. Here you can find the most requested units we commonly deliver. 

Normally offered as an online theory option, with the required observations completed in an approved workplace.

Alternatively you can contact us to enquire about availability for face-to-face group bookings.


Enrolment forms can be downloaded and

submitted on our enrolment page. 

Standalone units

Provide responsible service of alcohol 


Use hygienic practices for food safety


Getting a Haircut

We now offer Certificate III in Hairdressing

and Certificate II in Salon Assistant in both

Alice Springs and Darwin Salons.


Using our state of the art online resources, 

Pivot Point LAB, our Trainers can assist apprentices and trainees to complete their training whilst working in Salons across the NT. 

Our training model works very closely with Salon owners and Employers to ensure the training provided is complimentary to local industry requirements, as well as ensuring they remain

in line with Nationally Accredited Standards.  


Contact us today to find out more on how to enrol with us, or transfer to Karen Sheldon Training.   


Certificate II in Salon Assistant


Certificate III in Hairdressing


Business Meeting

Leadership and Management

Certificate IV Leadership and Management


Diploma of Leadership and Management


We offer both Diploma of Leadership and Management, and Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, in a self-paced online environment, over 6 or 12 months.


Additionally, we can provide assistance with your study and schedule frequent zoom meetings or phone calls with our Trainers and Assessors, to fit flexibly around your study schedule. 

Contact us directly to find out more, or enrol online today through our our enrolment page. 

Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Kitchen Operations

Certificate II in Kitchen Operations


Kids in Preschool

Our Early Childhood Education and Care model, works hand in hand with many childcare centres throughout Darwin and Alice Springs. 


Our ECEC Trainer & Assessor comes with a wealth of industry experience and is the perfect mentor for apprentices completing their Certificate III or Diploma with us.


We offer as much support as needed to our apprentices and childcare centres, to ensure training is completed to a high standard in a timely fashion, and inline with NT Childcare Centre needs.  

Contact us today to find out more on how to enrol with us, or transfer to Karen Sheldon Training.  

Early Childhood

Education and Care

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care


Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care


Spice Store

We offer Certificate I, II and II in Retail Services on our online platform for all students across the Northern Territory. This is supported by a workplace assessment and assignment workbooks, with arrangements for zoom support if needed. 

Please visit our enrolment page to enrol in on of our Retail Certificates, or contact us to find out more.

We also deliver Certificate I and II in Retail Services to VET for Secondary Students (VDSS) in Alice Springs.


Please talk to your school to see if you are eligible.


Certificate I Retail Services


Certificate II Retail Services


Certificate III Retail Services



Karen Sheldon Training originated from Hospitality Training and most of our

Trainers & Assessors come with

plenty of experience in this industry.


We offer a range of accredited qualifications in Hospitality, including Certificates I, II, III and Diploma level.


We also offer our standalone certificates

for RSA and Foodsafe online, as well as embedded in our Training Programmes

and JobTrainer Skillsets.


All qualifications are completed online with observations in an approved workplace.  


Certificate I Hospitality


Diploma of Hospitality Management


Certificate II Hospitality


Certificate III Hospitality



Karen Sheldon Training currently is only offering Certificate II in Tourism to VET for Secondary

Students (VDSS) in Alice Springs.

Please talk to your school to see if you are eligible.

However, if you are interested in Tourism, contact us today to see if we have any upcoming courses. 


Certificate II Tourism



Our dedicated Hospitality Trainers are also highly qualified in Certificate II in Kitchen Operations. 

We have years of experience operating commercial and production Kitchens in the NT,

from Parliament House, to TIO Stadium, and most recently the International Quarantine Facility at Howard Springs.


If you are interested in  a Certificate II in Kitchen Operations, contact us today to find out more. 

Restaurant Chef

Commercial Cookery

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery


Karen Sheldon herself started as a cook at the Barrow Creek Hotel, so Hospitality & Cookery Training is very close to her heart.


We offer Commercial Cookery in our award winning Accelerated Aboriginal Cooks of Excellence (AACE) Program, an intensive apprenticeship program for Aboriginal jobseekers designed to develop the workforce. 


If you are interested in a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery, contact us today to find out more about any upcoming programs.  



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Commercial Cookery


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