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Critical Support Workers Package

Karen Sheldon Training provides courses available for the Critical Support Workers Package. Offering three Critical Support Workers skillsets - in Housekeeping Service, Espresso Machine Operation Skillset, and Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate.

During the months of September and October, SITSS00053 - Housekeeping Service ran two five-day courses, led by Chris Garth, a Hospitality, Leadership & Management, Retail, Trainer and Assessor at Karen Sheldon Training.

Three students, Vanessa and Jaidine who attended in September, and Madeline who attended in October, signed up to the course with the hopes of gaining more skills and confidence within the workplace. All three students had been unemployed, having struggled to find opportunities in employment.

Throughout the five-day course, all three students excelled in daily lessons, picking up the skills and abilities in no time. Vanessa started the course with no prior knowledge but came to class each day working hard to perfect her skill. Jaidine had come into the course with prior knowledge based on previous work experience. However, Jaidine found that she was able to expand on her knowledge and was a leader in the course, helping fellow participants in perfecting their skill. Lastly, Madeline was at the top of the class in skill, while also looking out for other students, helping them in areas they struggled.

The following Monday, after completing the Housekeeping Service course, Vanessa, Jaidine and Madeline were offered interviews. By mid-October, all three participants began their employment at the Oaks Darwin Elan Hotel as Casual Housekeepers. Sam, the Housekeeping Manager has responded with how happy he has been with the training provided. Noticing that the training provided by Karen Sheldon Training has given the trained employees a big advantage within the workplace.

Trainer Chris, stopped by the Oaks Darwin Elan Hotel to see how his former participants were handling their new job roles. The feedback he received were how Vanessa, Jaidine and Madeline are enjoying the work they do. Emphasizing the training they received was very relevant and has helped them with their day-to-day work tasks.


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