Student Support

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Enrolment Process

During your enrolment process you will be given the opportunity to disclose any special circumstances and/or training assistance you require for your studies. Should you have any concerns regarding barriers that could impact your Training, a member of our Administration team will be happy to discuss these with you and help in finding dedicated solutions with both you and your Trainer. 


As part of the overall enrolment process, Karen Sheldon Training will work with you to develop a Training Plan for your learning that will address course requirements as well as your personal circumstances. 


We offer a bespoke and flexible wrap around service to all our Students, to ensure all training resources are contextualised to your needs and reasonable adjustments are made to support you during your studies with us. 


Please direct your questions or concerns during enrolment to

During your Studies

During your studies it is normal to feel overwhelmed or anxious about your training or assignments. Our Trainers are dedicated to supporting you through this process and helping you learn skills and prepare for assessments.


If you feel you need extra support during your training, you can contact any of our trainers directly by email or phone. All our Trainers contacts are listed here for you to use.

We are happy to discuss adjustments to anything regarding your Training & Assessment environment (where possible), time needed for study and assessment, options for chosen electives, additional LLND support from staff and additional tools or resources needed for support.


If you feel you need extra support and do not wish to discuss your circumstances with you trainer, you can reach out at any point in your studies to our Student Support Team on (08) 7919 7099 or email us on


Financial Support

We know Training can be costly and we offer a variety of options to all our Students and Apprentices. Please speak to our administration staff on enrolment to find a solution that best suits your financial situation, and be assured that all conversations are confidential and will not be discussed with other members or staff. 

We offer the following services: 

  1. Payment Plans for all Qualifications and Resources (including Equipment Kits) 

  2. Government Funding for Apprentices 

  3. Government Funding for eligible Students

  4. Assistance with Centrelink applications for Training Application made by the student

  5. VET Student Loans Scheme

  6. Payment by Unit, not full qualification 

  7. RPL and Credit Transfer reduced unit costs

If you are unsure of the options available to you, please speak to a member of our Student Support Team on
(08) 7919 7099 or email us on


Please Note: a non-refundable enrollment fee is required to enroll in all our Qualifications. However, we are happy to discuss flexible options for payment to suit all personal circumstances. 

Student Access & Equality

Karen Sheldon Training will work to meet the needs of the community and individuals and/or groups who might be otherwise disadvantaged.


This includes providing fair allocation of resources and equal opportunity to access training services. 


Karen Sheldon Training prohibits discrimination based on factors including:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Marital status

  • Sexual orientation

  • Race

  • Ethnicity

  • Religious background

  • Parental status


Our staff will work to ensure all participants have access to the right resources available to allow successful completion of course requirements. This includes flexible delivery and assessment arrangements where necessary, and LLND support.


It is the responsibility of all staff at Karen Sheldon Training to uphold our commitment to Access and Equity principles. If you have questions or concerns, please speak to a member of our Student Support Team on (08) 7919 7099 or email us on

Reading a Book
Reading a Book

Language, Literacy, Numeracy & Digital Support 

We ask all our students to complete an online LLND Test for most of our full qualifications. This assists us in ensuring that you have enrolled in the correct course, or to identify areas where you could benefit from additional support.  


Enrolling you into a course above your LLND skills can greatly impact your chance of success. We want to make sure you are training at a suitable level, and reduce the risk of stress or failure.  


Additional support and reasonable adjustments can be made to all our resources and training models to help you complete your desired Qualification; however, our staff and trainers will help advise you on the ACSF level best suited to your skills and experience.  


If you are unsure on the options available to you, please speak to a member of our Student Support Team on (08) 7919 7099 or email us on 

Disability Support 

If you disclose any special circumstances and/or training assistance you require for your studies during enrolment, Karen Sheldon Training will work with both you and your Trainer to implement reasonable adjustments to ensure you are able completion your training without affecting the integrity of your award.  


We will review your situation against the minimum competencies needed to successfully complete the course, and identify possible reasonable adjustments. In a best-practice scenario, an adjustment will be offered when a gap can be bridged with additional support. 


Where possible, we will ensure our training meets the required needs for any physical or intellectual disability, and welcome required support to attend training with you if needed.  


If you have questions or concerns, please speak to a member of our Student Support Team on (08) 7919 7099 or email us on 


Health & Wellbeing Support

The Staff at Karen Sheldon Training are dedicated to ensuring the Health and Wellbeing of all our Students is at the forefront of our organisation.  


We understand you may be impacted by a personal event or interpersonal issue, which can make you feel disengaged or unsafe. We have a company commitment to ensure you train in a safe and secure environment and seek support and request assistance without fear. 


We take reports regarding bullying, harassment, or unsafe conditions very seriously, and will work with you to ensure these issues are addressed as a matter of urgency.  


If you need to talk to someone about any issues affecting your health and wellbeing during your studies, please contact our Student Support Team on (08) 7919 7099 or email us at 


Karen Sheldon Training can recommend external local services to help support students with issues in the following areas: 

  • Mental Health 

  • Physical Health 

  • Family and Relationship Issues 

  • Housing and Homelessness 

  • Balancing work and other commitments 

  • Bullying and Sexual Harassment 

Our Commitment to Education Support 

We offer a range of services to support you during your education with us, and you have right to utilize all or any of our services.  


During your education, the Karen Sheldon Training staff are committed to:  


Reasonable Adjustment: 

  • Additional time for submitting assessments  

  • Extra time or support to practice skills  

  • Additional support from trainers and staff 

  • Adjusted resources e.g. different print types, reworded instructions or use of support tools or laptops. 

  • Regular trainer/assessor check-ins  

  • Amendments to training environment 



Karen Sheldon Training strongly supports the privacy and confidentiality of its students. Information is collected and stored in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. We will not give out your information to any person or agency without your permission, unless we are required to do so by law. 


Access to Your Records 

Karen Sheldon Training will hold your records and assessments for 6 months after submission in line with ASQA Requirements. If you wish to access your student information file, please direct your enquiry to our Student Support on (08) 7919 7099.  


Recommended third-party Support Services